Hair Loss Alternatives

There are several treatment options available for those experiencing medically related hair loss. Some men choose to wear a hat, while others prefer a hair prosthesis or, perhaps, both. When custom-made under the supervision of a specialist, hairpieces and replacements can meet the very real needs of selected patients. Thom's custom hair replacements are uniquely different from the standard hair loss wigs readily available in department stores or mail order catalogs. 

If you choose to replace your hair, you'll be happy to know that less convincing looking wigs are a thing of the past. New technologies have made both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs appear much more realistic because they can be fitted to the shape of your head and the color and texture matched perfectly. Although human hair wigs are typically both more expensive and require more maintenance, the trade-off in a much more natural look and blending with your existing hair cannot be overstated. Conversely, synthetic wigs are less expensive (although some special models can be more expensive), and are easier to style and wash, dry more quickly, and require less care.

Hair prostheses are the latest technological advance in replacing lost hair. They are made to meet the exact and specific needs of the wearer. Form fitting and breathable, the flexible fit of the hair prosthesis can be styled like natural hair. A high-quality prosthesis is virtually indiscernible from the real thing. They are designed to meet an individual's specific hair loss needs, and to look totally natural and undetectable. Whatever the cause though, it is important to know that with the existing new technological advances which exist in hair loss alternatives, every medically-related hair loss situation can be restored to the patient’s original hair style and look.